It all began in January 2021, my husband, Jason Revord, and I, Trisha Revord, were scrolling through Facebook when we came across a video that was highlighting a disturbing problem of illegal dumping that is occurring across our County. Jason and I thought about how we could tackle this problem, knowing we couldn’t do it on our own. At this point in time we knew becoming a non-profit that works with volunteers to help alleviate the County wide dumping problem was the way to go. We love our Community and Mother Nature in all of its glory.


Illegal dumpsites in Tuolumne county are out of control; but we have plans to change that just 1pileatatime. With the help of the community we plan on tackling the illegal dumpsites by cleaning up the trash that is defacing our county. Projects are a targeted location for clean up; because some of  the projects  are larger than others they will hold a series of events that are planned and pinpointed on a map on a specific day to go clean up that particular project. 

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1pileatatime relies on donations from the community to keep making a positive impact on the illegal dumpsites. We use the money for supplies needed to keep the clean-ups functioning like trash bags and gloves for our volunteers, as well as dump fees to put the trash where it belongs. We are also looking for support from the community in the form of volunteers, it is especially helpful if that volunteer comes with a truck and/or trailer to help haul all the trash to the proper dump.

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