Our mission is to bring together the community to love and support our County to keep it clean and beautiful for generations to enjoy as we have. We take pride in where we live and pride in our community by removing the trash and protecting our wildlife and waterways. We can do this together, just 1pileatatime.


It all began in January 2021, my husband, Jason Revord, and I, Trisha Revord, were scrolling through Facebook when we came across a video that was highlighting a disturbing problem of illegal dumping that is occurring across our County. Jason and I thought about how we could tackle this problem, knowing we couldn’t do it on our own. At this point in time, we knew becoming a non-profit that works with volunteers to help alleviate the Countywide dumping problem was the way to go. We love our Community and Mother Nature in all of its glory.

Why start in Tuolumne County when the problem is elsewhere too? Well, Jason was born and raised in Tuolumne County. Jason’s family used to own Everett’s Auto Wreckers that was located on Shaws Flat Road. He wanted to start in the place he calls home. Trish moved here in 1980 and lived in the County for many years before moving away. Although she lived somewhere else Tuolumne County was still home. Since moving back into the County, Jason and Trish had a family and raised them here as well. They taught their children to love nature so it can thrive and be beautiful for years to come; now they want to spread that same love and appreciation across our County.